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After months of working in a changed reality, where the majority of our teams have been operating remotely, we have adapted in many ways to a hybridized work environment.  The new year will bring new challenges, including the upcoming task of preparing our office and workspaces for a safe return when the time is right.

These new requirements can be difficult to navigate and plan for – which is why Michael Parker, Managing Director of Jancon, has prepared an online Office Recovery Checklist to help you plan for your changing office environment – and also review some of the latest available features and technology to address Covid safety.

 “Many of our clients have said they are unsure of timing as to when they will return to a new norm of office occupancy, but one thing is for sure, that new occupancy load will be a lot different, and that’s something we need to prepare for.   At Jancon we have listened to our clients and customers and have partnered with other industry professionals to offer a robust package that includes a collaborative, proactive approach to new space requirements, and a Safe and Healthy return to the office when the time is right.”

Office Recovery Checklist:

Areas of Focus

  • Prepare your Safe Space for Return
  • Prepare your Workforce
  • Rethink the Office FloorPlan
  • Connected Office
  • Hygiene & Sanitization

 “As owners and operators of businesses we need to balance the health, & wellness of our employees.   A key part of this wellness is the mental well-being that comes from having the social and collaborative interactions that occur during in person office setting.   Virtual meeting burn-out is real and is already affecting employee engagement.  Organizations need to strike a hybrid office/home office balance that will foster engagement, productivity in keeping with their Corporate Culture goals.” 

Your office space recovery plan will likely include many different aspects.  Spacing considerations, implementation of touchless technology, solutions to connect your remote team with your in-house team seamlessly, sanitization stations, scheduling and online booking options for clients and staff, along with people counting technologies and of course renovation needs to open your spaces and address traffic concerns.  

All of these points and more are consolidated into one document to make your job more manageable.  It’s how we built our Re|Think Your Office package: as a turnkey solution that addresses all of your return-to-work needs in one stop.  You gain the expertise and proven track record of the Jancon construction team, along with the newest offerings and solutions from our trusted vendors.  That means only one call to make, to get your office recovery project started.

For the complete checklist simply fill out our Workplace Readiness Questionnaire.  You will receive our entire list of recommendations and available resources at no cost.