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Re|Think Your Office

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Jancon is looking ahead to new solutions and proactive planning for the times ahead in commercial workplaces. From forward-thinking leadership on the future of the workplace, to steps you can take to proactively prepare for a return to work Jancon has you covered.

Download our industry specific Preparation Package and learn more about how Jancon help ready your workplace.

Connected Office

We know your office will likely remain hybridized for some time to come, and we want your in-house team and remote workers to be connected in the most seamless way possible.

It’s been a focus at Jancon to research and test the best solutions for a Connected Office experience that makes your team productive, while remaining safe.  Ask us how.

Virtual receptionist

Traffic Flow Assessment

Your workspace is going to need to be distanced, in accordance with Public Health guidelines.

Traffic flow is a big part of how we will distance in the workplace.

We can assess your current layout, and advise on traffic flow as part of our services.

Blueprints, open office hallways

Air Flow and Filtration

Air quality is a key component of our return to the workplace. Is your filtration and airflow system up to date and optimal?

Our team has solutions to address this important requirement for a safe return to the workplace.

air filter, office windows open

Floor Plan Redesign

It’s time to look at how your furniture can be laid out for maximum distancing, and still retain the aesthetic you’ve worked so hard to achieve in your space.

With design solutions and recommendations for getting the most out of what you have to work with in-house our team is ready to address this universal concern.

Images of blue prints, socially distanced workspaces, people typing on laptop

Hygiene and Sanitization

Hygiene and Sanitization will play a big role in our return to the workplace.

How will your space incorporate sanitizing stations and new protocols for touchless, and minimal contact experiences?

We provide resources and recommendations on the latest and most effective hygiene and sterilization practices for your return to the workplace.

Hand sanitization, keyboard being wiped down.