• Euroimmun Diagnostics Canada Inc.
  • Completed September 2016


  • 2566 Meadowpine Blvd., Mississauga, ON


  • Construct central Canadian office complete with Laboratories, new washrooms, kitchen, boardroom and offices


  • Stand alone building with existing interior fit-ups to be demolished.
  • New plumbing for new interior layout.
  • New under-floor electrical per client specifications.
  • Relocation of existing water main and sprinkler riser.


  • High degree of project management and coordination with German based consultants.
  • Architects and designers from Germany required local Architects and consultants to verify Canadian standards and building codes from their design.
  • Highly specialized standards required in laboratory for immunization research and development


  • Floor mount electrical and specialized connections for European scientific equipment installations.
  • Executive office, Boardroom and Development work area.
  • Extensive use of Aluminum and glazing panels for laboratory and research work areas. Specialized flooring.
  • New Canadian Headquarters for Euroimmun Diagnostics, a world wide leader in Immunization research.
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