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Our Services

At Jancon, You Can Count On Expedient and Efficient Services

Take advantage of 20 years of experience, a dedicated and skilled staff, and a network of quality vendors and craftsmen. With our reliable team of professionals and record of proven project management, you can be confident that we will deliver superior quality constructions and exemplary services.

Build a portfolio of premium projects.

Our contracting services and construction management services streamline every project to eliminate delivery issues. Our reliable partnerships with high-calibre vendors and professional trades guarantee we deliver the attention to detail that is necessary for desired results.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BROKERAGES Establish a reputation for quality projects.

We work with established architects and designers to meet each tenant’s unique requirements. Our construction management services follow robust processes that guarantee quality is maintained, delivery and completion dates are met, and closeouts achieved.


Our reliable services and partnerships with reputable vendors reduce cost overruns and delivery delays. We manage time, cost, and quality to meet your requirements in project value, design aspiration, and to ensure your client’s satisfaction.

Construction Management Services

A dedicated senior manager oversees all the necessary details from pre to post construction phases. From permits and budgets to contracts, closeout packages and compliance, we’ve got it covered and under control.

Pre-construction Phase

  • Manage the permit process
  • Establish project milestones
  • Provide budgets and schedules
  • Present material selections
  • Manage administrative responsibilities including permits and insurance
  • Provide recommendations on project constructability, green building best practices & risk management

Construction Phase

  • Establish communication equipment and processes
  • Establish on site safety procedures and station
  • Coordinate details of project including delivery dates & deadlines
  • Provide project team with accurate reports
  • Review and approve invoices and submit status reports

Post Construction Phase

  • Rectify any outstanding deficiencies
  • Ensure proper maintenance of newly-installed equipment
  • Reconcile contracts with sub trades
  • Provide a detailed closeout package
  • Ensure compliance with the Construction Lien Act

Contracting Services

Our contracting management process makes sure every project runs on time and within budget. From detailed price sheets to managing timelines and comprehensive closeout documentation, you can be confident in our contracting services.

  • Provide a detailed price sheet of material, labour, and equipment
  • Hire specialized subcontractors
  • Manage timelines and oversee quality control
  • Initiate site inspections with engineers and governing bodies
  • Coordinate commissioning of tenant equipment and rectify deficiencies
  • Prepare comprehensive closeout documentation

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Jancon is committed to taking every reasonable precaution to prevent occupational illness and injuries and to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Safe work practices at all workplaces are key to our success and the well-being of our employees, and our safety process includes:

  • Providing continuous, mandatory health and safety training
  • Thorough workplace inspections managed by the corporate Heath and Safety Officer (or designate)
  • Training all employees to prevent personal injury and to make safe working conditions a way of life both on and off the job
  • Holding managers accountable for the implementation and maintenance of the health and safety program
  • Holding supervisors accountable for the health and safety of workers under their supervision and ensure safe and healthy work conditions are maintained in his/her assigned workplaces
  • Holding employees accountable for his/her own health and safety by working in compliance with all applicable Acts, Regulations, this manual, and following the safe work practices and procedures
  • Compliance with all sections of the Jancon Construction Ltd. safety manual, which are regularly reviewed at all employee levels and feedback provided

Construction safety. Two men with hard hats looking at blueprints.


At Jancon Construction Ltd. we are committed to the protection of the environment through common prevention strategies such as recycling and waste material appropriation. Our Director of Sustainable Construction, Michael Parker oversees our policies and procedures on issues pertaining to waste diversion, material selections and indoor air quality during construction in an occupied building.

Jancon Construction Ltd.’s environmental policy requires our employees to adhere to the following:

  • Integrate environment and people into our daily business practices.
  • Use natural resources effectively to increase our operational efficiency and respect the needs of future generations.
  • Employ environmentally safe construction and operations procedures and protocols that minimize emissions and prevent pollution or contamination.
  • Meet or exceed applicable environmental regulations and guidelines.
  • continually look for opportunities to increase the net environmental benefit of our activities and use resources more efficiently.

We take pride in our work and we're excited to show you.