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As one of our active projects, the Jancon team is working on a LEED-focused initiative for Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool (CHEP).  

CHEP is a global service provider specializing in reusable wooden pallets for services and distribution. Founded in 1949, the company has successfully expanded into different markets with multiple acquisitions and mergers over the years and is very focused on sustainability.  

The current project covers a 15,000 square foot building with renovations to an existing office interior.  A second floor is also under renovation. Key areas of focus include a large amount of structural work, including demolition.  Additionally, we prioritize staying flexible during pandemic policy disruptions, while making sure everything flows smoothly on site.  To that end, one unique feature of this job is that we currently have 31 trades involved, whereas a normal site would usually have approximately 15.  It’s an intricate project, with a lot of variables – and we are loving the challenge and opportunity to show our project management skills!

One of the main highlights of this job is the LEED Certification of the project. 

Some key sustainability initiatives during this office interior construction are:

  • Indoor Air Quality HVAC filtration & Dust Control – Follow detailed IAQ Plan for Project
  • Protection of stored materials while onsite from contamination
  • A no-smoking policy on site during construction
  • Material Compliance – Work with all trades to ensure products and material meet
    specification and LEED requirements and documentation is provided.
  • Construction Waste Management – Industry leading waste separation tactics and
    calculations used on a monthly basis detailed in Waste Management Plan for Project

We are very excited about the opportunity to introduce a wide variety of sustainable construction practices to this project, and to show off the expertise of the Gold Seal certified Jancon team in this area.  Through our team’s deep knowledge of LEED-practices, and experience providing our clients with Value Engineering solutions we aim to add savings and increase the environmental benefits at every step of the process