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Meet Lobat Makhool – Director of Project Delivery at Jancon

Lobat brings over 25 years of experience in construction methods and senior project management to the Jancon team.  Her degree in civil engineering, vast construction knowledge and detailed, thorough approach have been instrumental in the growth of Jancon’s business.  She has managed multiple domestic and international commercial projects at all levels of size and scope. Lobat is just as comfortable renovating an 11,000 square foot immunization laboratory in Canada as she is overseeing the procurement, engineering and construction processes of an 11-story commercial building in her native Iran.
Over the past 5 years, Lobat has moved up the ranks from Project Manager to Director of Project Delivery at Jancon.  What started in 2014 as an entry-level opportunity for a new immigrant to Canada has evolved into an impressive 5-year career for Lobat and the transformation of Jancon into an A-level player in the construction industry.  As Director of Project Delivery, Lobat is accountable for the delivery of projects in 3 key areas – Document Management, Communications and Relationship Management. 
The thing I probably love most about my job is managing a variety of relationships to realize the client’s vision for a space.

As a woman in construction and volunteer with CREW Network, Lobat is interested in supporting the success of women in the commercial real estate industry and increasing the representation of women in the construction sector.  Working for a male-dominated, privately-held company within a male-dominated industry, she has recognized that respect is earned regardless of gender.  She happily rolls her sleeves up to finish projects on time and rolls her sleeves down to collaborate with designers and engineers and negotiate with trades.


Lobat’s dedication and hard work have earned the respect of her company and clients and the attention of influential industry stakeholders. She is proud of her accomplishments in Canada and the solid relationships she has built over the years to increase sales and help establish Jancon’s reputation for integrity, professionalism and reliable, quality work.