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Much like many other businesses this year, the Jancon team faced challenges.  We had made big plans, and had to quickly adapt to the changing realities during the year.

When things shifted, our entire team pitched in and worked harder throughout the year, in exceptional circumstances and for an unknown outcome.  We helped each other, and finished strong as a team – so it was important to us all to celebrate the holidays the best way we could, with a Virtual Holiday Party.

Coming Together, in Shared Experience.

Since the status quo holiday celebration wasn’t available to us, and based on the results of our check-in survey we heard from our people that they felt isolated, we made it our priority to come together with an experience that would give us the feeling of connectedness even though we were far apart.

And because we pride ourselves on connectivity, it’s only natural that our Virtual Party was designed to bring us all together and bridge the physical distance.  From custom three-course meals delivered to our door, personalized gifts, live comedy, and a Jancon-themed game of Family Feud we took the time to be together and include our families in this afternoon of shared thanks and laughter. 

The best part of our event was when our families (and even some pets) came on to say hello and greet everyone.  It’s what the Jancon story is all about – and part of how we deliver first by Building Confidence in our team and in each other.  It’s what sets us apart and allows us to lead in the commercial construction sector the way that we do.  

In a year where we had to work harder than last year for less and put everything we had planned for this year on hold, it was nice to come together and have a connected moment to celebrate our accomplishments. 

We’re looking forward to a positive year to come and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.  Jancon is a proud supporter of Make a Wish Canada – we were happy to be able to provide a donation of $1000 again this year.  For more information on this important organization and its life-changing work visit: